What is Re-Casting the Movies?

Re-Casting the Movies (RCtM) is a project created by Jessica W. Chen where diverse actors reenact scenes from popular or well-known movies through self-tapes recorded at home.

Inspired by projects like #StarringJohnCho, RCtM asks: 

What would movies look like if they truly emulated the society they claim to reflect?


Our Mission

Delivering Where Hollywood Won't

Inspired by #StarringJohnCho, our mission is to show you exactly what DIVERSE MEDIA can look like and the effects such media has on us.



Where is RCtM hosted?

We host Re-Casting the Movies on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you'd like to be notified of new videos!

How often does RCtM upload new content?

RCtM uploads a new scene every two weeks. If we're ever off-schedule, we'll definitely let you know!

What will you get out of RCtM?

For actors

  • Practice acting in a time of self-quarantine, social isolation, and production freezes

  • Play roles you may have trouble accessing normally

  • Gain confidence in self-taping and content for your reel

  • Become part of an acting community who supports each other

For community members

  • Enjoy media that challenges your perspective on what’s possible for movie casting

  • Be entertained by and interact with a group of passionate actors

  • Decide what scenes RCtM tackles next

  • Support actors you connect with and become part of our community

  • Become part of our social movement by sharing clips and stoking discussion

How can I participate?

For actors

Please submit your information to this actor submission form.

What do I need to participate?

  • A relatively quiet space with a blank or not-too-busy background to record in

  • Access to a camera or phone that you can record with (We will not provide you with equipment.)

  • Creativity with wardrobe and styling that is reminiscent of the scene we’re recreating (We will not provide you with costumes, makeup, or hair styling.)

For community members

Become a patron.

Still have questions?

Please direct all inquiries to our email recastthemoviestoday@gmail.com

Please do not send your audition materials to this email. We will not respond, and you will be blacklisted.