What is a Re-Casting the Movies video?

The concept behind RCtM

Film Clapboard
Image by Chris Montgomery
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Part One: Re-Cast Scene

Challenge the paradigm

The first part of a RCtM video recreates a scene from a famous or popular film. Except this time, we cast actors from underrepresented communities. These scenes are shot through actor self-tapes recorded at home.

Part Two: Round Table Discussion

Provide the commentary

The second part of a RCtM video features a round table discussion by cast and crew about their experience. We want to share how the actors feel about playing roles they don't traditionally get to play, and the effect this has on them.

Bonus: Explainers and editorials

Educate the world

In addition to classic RCtM videos, we produce informational videos that educate audiences on the casting process, whitewashing, racebending, and other topics related to diversity in Hollywood.

Who are the brains behind Re-Casting the Movies?